Versioning Published Notes

As a Feature in [[app-feature-matrix]]:

User has the ability to track versions in published notes and send urls that specify a specific version of those notes.


The published-note-style sites that have been popping up recently are great. One of my favorite uses of these sites is the asynchronous discussions it fosters. An issue that has cropped up, at least theoretically, is that linking to them can break down as the author (inevitably) writes and overwrites previous notes as they grow and learn.

For example, say Bob sends Alice a link to a note that no longer exists. Or what if he makes makes a reference to a point in the note that has changed, which makes his reference to the note nonsensical?

We’ve seen this play out with APIs, which now often contain version numbers in urls. Perhaps something like that could be added to published note sites to help preserve the expected context of the link.

Possible solutions 1 :

  • Add version '#'s to note urls
  • Add commit hash IDs to note urls
  • Add both (This gives publishers the ability to treat note publishing like software releases; e.g. new versions may fundamentally change things, while smaller releases do not )

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Versioning Published Notes